Video Compatibility Test

Which video clip format plays best on your computer? Only your computer knows, and it won't tell until you ask it!

To find out, just click on each of the three video clips below to see which computer video formats work best for you.

What you will see: The same 3 second video clip was encoded into three “common” formats. If it plays OK, you will see an animated logo which will spin up to full size, followed by a title which scrolls up over the logo, all with a music background. Try all of them, one at a time, and note the ones that played successfully for you.

The video clips:

Want to download a new viewer? Try these links:

Windows Media Player for .WMV files
RealPlayer for .RM files
QuickTime for .MOV files

Bonus points: email your results to us so we can find out which formats most people can see.

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George Marshall


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